Laboratory consumables

G Success can outsource a wide range of laboratory consumables in a compatible price range and high-quality products. We offer high quality brands with affordable prices. Our consumables range from chemical, solvents, glassware, plasticware to diverse biotechnology and cell culture kits.

Proofreading Service (In chemistry)

What we do?

We can do professional proofreading for your report, thesis, manuscript/paper or review that you plan to submit to any international peer-reviewed journal.

What we offer?

High quality English proofreading & editing services for all academic & scientific papers, reviews, master and PhD theses in the fields of:

  • Natural product Chemistry.
  • Phytochemistry/ Pharmacognosy.
  • Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry.
  • Analytical Chemistry.
  • Medicinal Chemistry

Our Achievements

Out team has completed thesis proofreading for MSc and PhD students as following:

  • 107 – Paper
  • 59– Master Thesis
  • 22 – PhD Thesis

Know us more

When working on scientific material, proofreading your research and results is integral. However, it isn’t as simple as just giving it a read over. It requires a fresh set of expert eyes who can analyse your work, detect errors – which may not be visible to you – and improve the overall validity of your content. Our proofreading service benefits a variety of clients, including students who may feel so overwhelmed with theory and practical work that they haven’t the time to go through their assignments. We offer invaluable tips on how to develop applicable areas and query any outstanding issues that may be present. This aids budding chemists in their scientific discoveries and helps to elevate the efficiency of their findings.

Subjects that are eligible for proofreading include: natural product chemistry, organic and bioorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, and medicinal chemistry.

The finalised proof-read version is presented as a track changes word document, so that clients are able to view the specific areas that have been amended.

Clients are able to communicate with us via email, if there is an amendment which they feel needs expanding on further.

Chemical structure confirmation Service

What we do?

If you stuck with your compound structure confirmation, based on the NMR and MS data you have, we can easily confirm your structure that you propose, or guide you otherwise. If you are in the initial identification steps, we can help you get your final structure fast and accurate.

G Success provides confirmation of chemical structures of:

  • Natural products from different sources.
  • Synthetic organic compounds.

If you have a provisional structure that requires confirmation, we can confirm your structure for you. If you don’t have a provisional structure and need help throughout all the steps of identification, we can offer this service.

Our Achievements

  • 1597 – Natural Compound
  • 432 – Synthetic Compound

Know us more

We’re the only existing group of experienced chemistry professionals who offer a chemical structure confirmation service.
For us to deliver this service, clients must provide high-resolution mass spectral data, elemental analysis or the molecular formula of a compound. All NMR spectroscopic data – 1H NMR, 13C NMR, DEPT135, COSY, HSQC, HMBC and NOEASY or ROEAY – must be presented in a fid file format, in addition to a proposed structure in ChemDraw format. Similarly, fid files are also required if the client does not have a structure proposal.

The service works great for students or practicing scientists who’ve found a new chemical structure and need validation from an expert in a similar field.

Seeking confirmation of a new compound structure isn’t always an easy or accurate task. Our services ensure clients can rest assured with conclusive feedback from credible professionals.

Clients can also receive definitive answers to compound structures which exist already. This is helpful as many existing structures contain added particles which are often misreported.

If a client provides a proposed structure, then structural confirmation will be handed over to clients in the form of ChemDraw or PDF. Alternatively, if a client does not provide a structure, then we can work together with the client to create substructures. Once the client approves the substructures, our team and the client, will work together to deliver the final structure confirmation.

We accept all types of organic molecules, with or without heteroatoms such as nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur, chlorine, bromine etc. We do not expect inorganic compounds.

Translation Service

G Success is here to help you to translate your reports, papers and theses from Arabic to English, and vice-versa. Connecting with people in different countries isn’t without its challenges, especially if there is a common language barrier. However, language barriers can be overcome by taking advantage of our translation services.

While English is a largely universal international language, some countries still prefer to communicate in their own language. In fact, only about ten percent of people in the world speak or can read English, so it makes sense to be able to communicate your thesis or research papers in your target audience’s preferred language – a good translation service such as ours allows you to do this!

Communication Key

Many sectors can benefit from high-quality translation services, such as education, health & safety, engineering, science and more. If you want to be successful in an industry or sector where good communication is the key, then you will need to be able to successfully bridge that language gap.

G Success is here to help you with your translation needs so that your channels of communication work smoothly and remain completely transparent. With our help, you can cut across the language barrier and better interact with people you are trying to reach with your work.